Singapore Airlines has earned a reputation for service excellence, and we welcome individuals who are customer-orientated, displays initiative, and a team player to join us as a cabin crew. Our crew are a talented group of individuals who hail from different walks of life. Find out what inspired them to take on this job, how they balance a flying career with their interests outside of work, and how they have developed themselves both professionally and personally. Successful applicants will undergo a four-month training programme, one of the longest and most comprehensive in the airline industry. Our training programme covers topics such as:. During training, you will receive a basic salary. You will be based in Singapore and offered a 5-year employment contract initially. Additional 5-year contracts may be offered based on job performance.

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After they apply online or at a recruitment event, promising candidates hear from managers to set up a meeting. Initial interviews are often done by video, but some may be in person. Job hopefuls who present themselves well and give effective responses are more likely to receive offers. Confirm the date and time of the job interview, then begin preparing by reviewing common questions. Practice answers to a friend or in front of a mirror to help ease nerves.

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Ever wanted to be a flight attendant? It’s not all luxury travel, shopping trips and attractive pilots. In fact, one former flight attendant makes it sound like a nightmare. During her time with Singapore Airlines, a flight attendant, known only as “Hilary”, said she used to cry before getting on flights because of the immense pressure she was put under.

The list goes on. Many girls don’t know this before they join and they’re in for the shock of their lives once they start the job. Hilary suffered from harassment from passengers, lack of sleep and missing out on family events because of her employer’s demands. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas Even funerals. When Hilary’s grandmother lay dying in hospital, the airline called her into work – despite her marking the roster and presenting a doctor’s note to get the time off, she wrote.

She had no choice but to go to work. I kept thinking of my Granny lying unresponsive in the hospital. In the end she said her grandmother passed away, and she remembered crying about it at night, all alone in her hotel room.

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During her time with Singapore Airlines, a flight attendant, known only as “Hilary”, said she used to cry before getting on flights because of the.

The South Korean capital of Seoul is yet to lure huge numbers of Aussie tourists, but flight attendants rate it as their No. Singaporeans are famous for their love of food, so naturally they gave us some great dining recommendations — from Paris to Perth and everywhere in between, for everything from seafood to steak to scones. The owner has even put a Singapore Airlines logo in his restaurant and there are photo albums of our crew. It has out of this world grilled mackerel, and even crew who dislike fish will finish the whole big fat juicy serve.

I really enjoyed my macchiato while I was there. It has great friendly service and even better food. I went in July, when summer was at its peak, and everywhere was just amazing despite the heat. Good music everywhere, everyone is dressed in summer clothes, great beach vibes, architecture, parties, tapas all day and sangria all night. It was difficult to visit in my early years when most French people refused to speak English, but nowadays they do.

During the winter months, the market has freshly shucked oysters served with a glass of Muscadet white wine. There is also a creperie with a variety of crepes to choose from — and really worth the queue as they are made to order. Japanese people are polite and willing to help especially when you are lost.

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I’ve been a flight attendant for a major U. These days the skies aren’t quite as friendly as they once were. No joke—it’s probably easier to pick up a fully loaded beverage cart than it is a flight attendant today, which is why I offer the following tips. Make eye contact. And say hello!

So you want to meet female cabin crew? As a former flight attendant, I get asked this question fairly often. Having dated my fair share of beautiful female flight.

My trip Sq seoul to singapore on 11 Sept was quite pleasant except with behaviour and rude manner of an Indian Orange SQ uniform Chief Stewardess. Throughout the 6hrs flight she was smiling at all and when she pushes the trolley she hid the trolley into another passenger seating near me and didnt even say sorry. Surprised how she got promoted to her present rank.

She should be called up. After experiencing this journey last year with Emirates the standard had been set! Singapore airlines disappointed! We only had one good leg with them, one average leg and two hugely disappointing legs!!! If you have a choice pay the extra and fly Emirates who actually understand how to look after customers and actually go the little extra mile for the passengers!!!

Recently i took SQ to Seoul on 06 Sept ,really had a good flight. I am by surprised that at Inchon Airport my luggages were already waiting for us. The immigration was superb. Keep it up SQ.

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In a three-part series on the inflight service industry, Yahoo! Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In the third part of this series, we speak to one Singapore stewardess who was carried away by the good money and high-flying life but now finds herself in poor health and even poorer finances. For the purposes of this series, only first names have been used as most flight crew are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Dating singapore airlines stewardess. Its best you can save significant amounts from pm, were taken to our website. However, swap flights like slightly watered.

They have to wear many hats on-board and be equipped with different skills in order to carry out their job duties efficiently. Although you mostly see them greeting passengers during boarding and landing, and serving food and drinks during meal service, their work does not stop there. All cabin crew have to go through a basic wine knowledge course during training so that they can learn about the wine served on-board.

Crew need to know how to read wine labels to know what wine is available on the flight and be able to describe and recommend the different types of wine to passengers accordingly. They must also be familiar with food and wine pairings if passengers ask for wine recommendations to go along with their meal. Cabin crew have to go through training for a specific aircraft type before they can be qualified to work on that aircraft. They learn things such as aircraft features, passenger seat features and cabin and galley configurations.

They also have to go for regular refresher courses and pass the course to ensure that their aircraft knowledge is up-to-date in order to continue operating on each aircraft type. This might be a rare occurrence, but death does occur, especially in cases when frail and elderly passengers are on long flights. Although rare, all cabin crew needs to know what to do when it happens and handle it accordingly without causing panic or being in a state of panic themselves.

All cabin crew are trained in fire-saving procedures and can operate fire extinguishers to minimise any damage. All cabin crew go through basic self-defense training in order to deal with unruly passengers who may pose a danger to themselves and others, as they have the responsibility to ensure the safety of passengers and themselves. Crew are trained to protect themselves from physical attacks and know how to restrain any aggressive persons with the restraint kit on-board if they are unable to calm the person down successfully.

Most of us might not be sure of how to give the appropriate assistance to someone with disabilities but cabin crew are trained to help passengers with different physical disabilities such as those with vision or hearing impairment, and people with emotional disabilities such as those with depression and anxiety.

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If you think rabak passengers are all you need to deal with, here’s an inside scoop about the stewardess life. If she gives you her phone number, you’re likely to get at least a first date. Contrary to the sq cabin crew the singapore airlines flight attendants ‘ top tips for. However, did you know that behind the chic appearance, our Singapore Girls.

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Recruitment [Kuala Lumpur] (May ) employment with us within three months from the date of application.

Cabin crew did not enforce the following: 1 can’t believe that till date, there are passengers who bring excessive hand luggage onboard, resulting in inconvenience for other passengers, as we had to stow our luggage in the overhead compartment five rows ahead of where we are seated. Despite this, there is no apology from the cabin crew at all when our seat is taken. Is this a budget airline that we are taking? What’s the use of booking seats and checking in online in advance then?

And the moment our butts touched the seats, the air steward told us off to put our seat upright, where we have not even warmed the seats. We rejected his request, as it will take an even longer time for our turn, and having to re-queue again. Yet the air steward insisted and even suggested showing us the way.

In the end, we realized that the toilet at the upper deck runs out of hand tissues, and no one refills it. Then why can’t the air steward just refill it, instead of asking the passenger with a child, having to walk all the way down to the lower deck? Is this just plain laziness?

Ex-SIA stewardess on lifestyles of crew etc