Battlefield Band

Обложка альбома Battlefield BandInspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength and vibrancy of today's Scottish cultural scene, which indeed they have done much to create and fuel, they have led and been at the forefront of a great revival in Scottish music. Refusing to be limited musically by suffocating antiquarianism, or musical fashions, they have mixed the old songs and music with a new self-penned repertoire, all played on a fusion of ancient and modern instruments - bagpipes, fiddle, synthesiser, guitar, flutes, bodhran and accordion. Named after the Glasgow suburb of Battlefield, where the group was formed by four student friends in 1969, they have now been on the world's roads for over 40 years, distilling their own unique form of the Scottish spirit and bottling it in concert and onto disc. They've performed in Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Syria, Jordan, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, U.S.A., Canada, Uzbekistan, China and the U.K; breaking down barriers and pioneering many new directions which others have followed. Angry, joyful, raucous, contemplative, their music is most importantly - accessible to all.
  • Трек: Love Is a Battlefield
  • Исполнитель (артист): Anthem Party Band
  • Длительность 4:08
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Anthem Party Band - Love Is a Battlefield"

  • 3:58
    Ameritz Karaoke BandBattlefield (In the Style of Jordin Sparks) [Karaoke Version]
  • 4:57
    The Karaoke Love BandLove Is a Battlefield (Originally Performed by Pat Benatar) [Karaoke Version]
  • 3:40
    КЕЛЬТЫ Battlefield Band5 Mile Chase
  • 3:13
    Battlefield BandWhaur Will We Gang?
  • 3:09
    Battlefield BandLady Madeleine Sinclair/The spey in spate/The duke of Perth
  • 5:40
    Battlefield BandPaddy's Green Shamrock Shore
  • 3:50
    The Battlefield BandChuir I Gluin Air a Bhodach/DJ MacLeod's/The Ness Pipers/The Earl ...
  • 3:59
    Battlefield BandCherish the ladìes/The rambling pitchfork
  • 4:39
    Battlefield BandAfter Hours -Whiskey In The Jar -The Green Gates -The Ship In Full Sail (Live)
  • 3:23
    Battlefield BandTake Me To The Sea
  • 4:58
    Battlefield BandThe Last Trip Home
  • 2:54
    Battlefield BandBlackhall Rocks
  • 3:59
    Battlefield BandLads O' The Fair
  • 4:24
    Battlefield BandGlen Caladh Castle / Duncan Macneil Esq's Farewell to Melfort
  • 5:03
    Battlefield BandFive Bridges To Cross
  • 3:47
    Battlefield BandThe Devil's Courtship/An Dro
  • 5:36
    Battlefield BandJoe McGann's Fiddle/Center's Bonnet - Battlefield Band
  • 6:27
    Battlefield BandThe Beaches Of St. Valery - Elizabeth Clare
  • 3:15
    Battlefield BandThe Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No
  • 3:32
    Battlefield BandBagpipe Music
  • 3:17
    Preservation Hall Jazz Band & Tom WaitsCorinne Died On The Battlefield
  • 3:49
    Battlefield BandThe Road To Benderloch
  • 4:55
    Battlefield BandPipe major George Allan
  • 3:54
    Battlefield BandStart It All Over Again
  • 3:53
    Battlefield BandShepherd Lad
  • 3:43
    Battlefield BandShepherd's Lad
  • 3:21
    The Battlefield BandWhaur Will We Gang? / March of TH Eceili Man
  • 3:15
    Battlefield Bandthe Highlanders Farewell to Irland / Farewell to Irland / Put Me In The Big Chest
  • 4:26
    Battlefield BandLook Across The Water/Mrs. Garden Of Troup/The Keelman Ower Land
  • 5:26
    Battlefield BandMacPherson's Lament
  • 5:04
    Battlefield BandMo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Liobhainn [My Glen By Loch Leven]
  • 3:53
    Battlefield BandShepherd Lad