The Clarinet BBoard. From the year-ranges given here I can see that it was made sometime in , but BC seems to have no record of it. Any thoughts on why? The serial number is The years after that are my own calculation, based on Buffet’s production of about 17, clarinets per year. They’re in no way official. We all wish that Buffet would update their list more frequently, but it doesn’t seem to be a way to goose them. I completely missed the sentence where you pointed out the Buffet list only goes up to

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Paris, France. It was previously owned and used by American jazz musician and band leader, Artie Shaw – This B-flat clarinet bottom instrument , serial number M, was made by Henri Selmer. He continued his career performing around the world, selling thousands of records, and appearing on film and television.

Buffet Serial Numbers After Author: Ken Shaw ☆ Date: The Buffet serial number date list.

Buffet Crampon is a French manufacturer of woodwind musical instruments , including oboes , flutes , saxophones , english horns and bassoons ; however, the company is perhaps most famous for their clarinets , as Buffet is the brand of choice for many professionals. Buffet Crampon began manufacturing musical instruments in exclusively in France, but has since expanded their business to include production facilities in Germany and China as well. Since the company’s conception, Buffet Crampon has expanded to a worldwide market.

Schreiber brands. Denis Buffet-Auger, of the Buffet family of French musical instrument makers, began making quality clarinets in Paris, France in In , Buffet Crampon established its headquarters at Mantes-la-Ville. The company continued to expand its range and quality in instrument production, beginning saxophone production in , and winning numerous awards. In Buffet began exporting instruments to the US. In Buffet introduced the Apogee premium model saxophone, which had innovative keywork features that were later adapted by other manufacturers.

In , Buffet developed its famous R13 clarinet, an extremely popular professional-level clarinet. The company also began production of the Dynaction model saxophones that year, which would evolve into the Super Dynaction and the highly regarded S series models. During the s, the company’s position in the student saxophone market collapsed in the face of competition from Yamaha , who offered higher quality and more up-to-date instruments, and lower cost East German, Czech, and Asian manufacturers.

Golden Era Buffet B-flat R13 Clarinet 60,XXX

These were the most eloborate Conn saxophones ever made with extravagant engraving and full pearl touches. Conn Connquerer was only made as alto and tenor saxes and is most related in design to the early 6M and 10M. Despite purchasing all of the assets of the Adolphe Sax Company in , Selmer did not start selling saxophones bearing the Adolphe Sax name until The last Adolphe Sax saxophone recorded in the Selmer Paris archives was sold in Any Adolphe Sax instrument sold after this date was most likely already made or assemble from pre-existing parts.

Buffet models/serial numbers on Wednesday, October 24, http://​ Brand: Buffet Crampon a Buffet R Its serial number returns the same model reference BC of a similar date.

Denis Buffet-Auger established a clarinet workshop in in Paris. Buffet clarinets became widely recognized for their award-winning quality as early as the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Buffet clarinets first came to the United States in and have been sold there since. Because Buffet clarinets have such a long history, determining the model can be exciting, especially if you discover that yours is one of the original–and valuable–models.

Examine the side of the upper body of the clarinet to find the long, thin key just above the only hole located on the back of the instrument. This is the register key.

How to Tell the Model of a Buffet Clarinet

All Prices Subject To Change. Contact us today for the most up-to-date inventory and additional pictures. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask! Jim WoodwindsByGermann. Has articulated G and left hand Eb trill key.

Hardy. Call our friendly team. Wm. Heckel · Marigaux · Martin Band Inst. Schilke · Rossi · Boston Musical Inst. Brua Keefer · Buffet Crampon · Holton · Henry Hill.

This description is presented as an illustration of the importance of bore shape on the playing properties of woodwind instruments, and of what can be done to improve an apparently hopeless case. The specimen in question was a small bore supposedly; therein lies the tale! Buffet basset horn, with the combined serial number upper joint and lower joint. It was purchased in as-new condition mismatching numbers notwithstanding in or from a major retailer in the U. The serial numbers date it to circa , around the point when Buffet changed from the old small bore basset horn design to the current medium-large bore, alto clarinet concept model.

Bottom C was not really a musical tone at all; insofar as the pitch was discernible, it could only be played in tune with the addition of an extension section about 55mm long between the lower joint and the bell, which came with the instrument and which appeared to be factory-made. A number of repair technicians had been consulted about the terrible bottom notes, but apart from confirming that the pads all sealed and offering unnecessary advice about mouthpieces, reeds and playing technique, they were unable to help.

A quick glance inside the bore, followed by detailed measurements, revealed the likely cause of the trouble. In contrast to the normal strictly cylindrical basset horn bore, the original bore shape, depicted in the diagram below, can only be described as bizarre. The upper section about 17cm of the lower joint was the normal Buffet small bore diameter, Below that, it expanded rapidly to a much larger cylindrical diameter of

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. One of the most common questions I get is to identify someone’s mystery Buffet clarinet. Buffet clarinets are generally produced in one of two places: France and Germany. French-made clarinet are usually wood, and usually of a more premium quality.

Hi I have a Buffet Crampon clarinet that beloned to my father. posts dated ​.. but most threads base their model info on the serial number.

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The clarinets I use d : I will try to describe my clarinets here.

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*date/serial number relationships during WW II production and immediate post-​production are based on our data collected from Buffet-Crampon Model.

Remember Me? What’s New? Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Buffet Crampon serial number–model look up site? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Buffet Crampon serial number–model look up site? Hi I have a Buffet Crampon clarinet that beloned to my father. I recently dug it out from its hiding place. But I’ve been wondering what model this is. I’ve been told it’s an R13, but would like to verify if possible.

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The golden era of clarinet manufacturing started in the mids and lasted until the early s. This clarinet is in moderate condition, it has been serviced with Valentino pads throughout. It plays well, however, and it would serve amateurs very well as is. When I received it, I noticed a small hairline crack which I repaired with glue.

Buffet Crampon is a French manufacturer of woodwind musical instruments, including oboes, quality and more up-to-date instruments, and lower cost East German, Czech, Model sub-numbers are similar to the series as above.

The information collected on this form will be used by Buffet Crampon to communicate news regarding our products, events, and brands. Information collected will be saved for a total of 3 years. During this time it will be used by the Buffet Crampon Communication department. In accordance with RDPG, you can access to your personal data or modify it by contacting us at rdpg buffetcrampon. All Buffet Crampon instruments are covered by a two 2 year guarantee upon the date of purchase, against all manufacturing or material defects.

Additionally, Buffet Crampon grants to all Clarinet, Oboe and English horn buyers contractual guarantees which are applicable to some parts of the instrument. Depending on the product range to which the instrument in question belongs, the guarantees are granted for a limited period of time, which begins at the purchase date. The conditions of theses guarantees, which do not affect the validity of the legal guarantees previously mentioned, are defined hereafter:.

The guarantee becomes effective from the date of the instrument purchase, as mentioned on the invoice issued by the seller. Any guarantee claim shall include a copy of the invoice, and shall be sent, within four 4 weeks, to the seller or to the following address:. The instrument transport to the repair location and its return are made at the sole risk of the client.

Reconditioned Vintage Buffet Crampon R13 Bb Clarinet 40,900 (1952)